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X 11 W

Enhanced Flexible S1 Tile Adhesive for Walls and Floors

ARDEX X 11 W is a white, flexible cement-based, floor and wall tile adhesive, with an extended open time of up to 45 minutes.

Specifically formulated to have enhanced properties of adhesion and flexibility, the advanced slump resistance properties make ARDEX X 11 W an ideal adhesive for fixing large format wall tiles, as well as other applications.

  • Fix any tile size or type without slipping and without the need for battens, with advance slip resistance that achieves double the European Standard
  • Spend less time mixing and more time fixing, with a 2.5-hour pot life and 45 minute open time that allow you to mix, spread and fix in larger batches
  • High Gel Rheology, for smoother spreading. Shape memory and full wettability make for easy tiling
  • Grout in as little as 6-8 hours to help you rock on with that job
  • Build-up to 15mm bed depth to build-out in isolated areas
  • Ideal for almost all tile types including non-moisture sensitive natural stone
  • Suitable for wall and floor applications

Colours Available: White

Unit Size Available: 20kg

Technical Data:

Suitable for External Use or Wet Areas
Yes, including swimming pools

Suitable for Use with Under Tile Heating

Bed Thickness

Pot Life
2.5 hours

Open Time
45 minutes

Adjustment Time
15 minutes

Grout After
Walls and Floors – 6-8 hours

Approximately 5mper 20kg bag using an 8mm x 8mm notch trowel

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