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McDonalds Leicester Eastgates

Having worked closely with McDonald’s UK & Ireland for over 10 years, we were very proud and excited to be a part of the refurbishment of their McDonald’s Leicester Eastgates restaurant. The first flooring and wall tile pattern type of its kind – this store was their world 1st to give them a handcrafted feel.

The architect had a very specific design & vision for this store – Vogue Ceramics had to meet their exact dining environment look. The tiles that were installed had to be unique and fit the design brief.

We worked very closely with both the design team at McDonald’s and our supply chain to design the wall tiles to fit in with this theme. Ensuring that the final colour finish on each tile matched the colours used throughout the store.

Brush strokes were created on the tiles to match the specific pattern on the walls, ensuring that they were in line with the designs at the restaurant. These tiles had to be indexed and delivered to the contractor to simplify the application process for each area.

The floor tiles were specifically selected for the various formats and colours that are available in this range, which was part of the design brief. All tiles had to be hard wearing & had to include stain resistance properties which are ideal for high traffic public areas.

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